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Don’t let your Spanish home behind

Are you comfortable with the arrangements for your home in the Costa del Sol?  

At the moment we are going through, there are many people who cannot come to the Costa del Sol and personally take care of these formalities (administrative notifications, payment of taxes, purchase or rental contracts, etc). Even many owners with a legal representative are not fully covered. In RMoreno Abogados we are aware of the procedures related to housing in the South of Spain and we take care of all the paperwork that your property needs, so that you only think about living unforgettable moments in your next visit, when we meet again. 

If you have pending claims in Spain, there will possibly be operations that will take your sleep away. From the payment of taxes and property services to maintenance contracts, at RMoreno Abogados you have managers you can trust and we take care of all these operations for you. 

What would happen in case of illegal occupation of my property?

If you are going to spend some time away from your residence in the Costa del Sol, RMoreno Abogados offers you the possibility to manage the hiring of security or alarm companies to avoid burglaries or illegal occupations in your home.

But, what happens in case of such illegal occupation? Sometimes, when returning to their residence in Spain, some owners find that it has been illegally occupied and that they cannot enter it. Therefore, it is necessary to start an eviction process, denouncing it to the police and, if necessary, initiating the eviction procedure before the Spanish courts. To do this, choose a law firm that you can trust. We will help you from start to finish, without having to travel. 

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